Hannah lives with her daddy at home. Hannah loves her daddy very much. He always helps her when she’s sad. A boy called Hannah ugly on the playground and daddy hugged Hannah until she stopped crying. Hannah fell off her tricycle and daddy put a bandaid on her knee and wiped away her tears. Hannah lost her Dolly and daddy locked her in her bedroom until she stopped wailing. Hannah spilled her strawberry jelly on one of daddy’s special suits and daddy yelled at her when she cried. Daddy stayed at home a lot. When Hannah came home from preschool she was crying. Another little girl had taken her bunny and pushed her in the sandbox. Daddy put Hannah in her room again until she stopped crying. But she didn’t stop. Daddy screamed at her to “SHUT UP”, but Hannah got scared and started crying louder. Daddy yelled more and Hannah sobbed until she had the hiccups. Then daddy stopped screaming, and Hannah got scared. She crawled under her bed and hid. Daddy came back to her bedroom and looked around. “Hannah…” He called, “Hannah-banana, it’s time to come out…” He said. Hannah inched out from under the bed and daddy grabbed her by the wrist and yanked her onto his lap. He held a needle and some black wire in one hand and he smiled. “Now hush….” He soothed as he sewed the first stitch.


“ This is it. You need to remember that you are a badass bitch. I say badass bitch because that’s just a term people use nowadays but here’s the prettier way to put it: I am beautiful. In the end, after the heartbreak and getting over him, you need to realize that you are good enough. You are beautiful. You are bad. You are pretty. And that guy — it’s his loss he let you go. ”


Weylie Hoang

(via uhmandarin)